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Planning Your Kitchen Remodeling in 9 Steps

Thinking on remodeling your old kitchen cabinets or maybe are you in the process of building your dream kitchen?

If yes, well, congratulations I’m sure you feel super excited about it!

But, where do I start? Planning, planning, planning! If possible, and highly recommended hire an interiors design professional to work with you in making the best decisions. In this article, I’ll focus on key steps to enjoy the process and avoid feeling overwhelmed by the changes in your daily routine while the project is ongoing.

1. Make a wish list, look for ideas, special features, appliances, this is the fun part!

(Image credit: Forevermark Cabinetry)

2. Define your budget, how much realistically can you spend? Don’t forget to plan for any contingency costs.
3. Measure up, ensuring you can fit in everything you want, for example an island or countertop, depends on accurate measuring.

4. Think about the layout based on the space and your daily cooking routine, how many family members, frequency, efficiency, storage needs, etc.

(Image credit: Fabuwood Cabinetry)

5. Choose the kitchen cabinets, how do you want your kitchen to look? Gather pictures that inspire you. Don’t forget the storage! I suggest using Pinterest, I love it!

6. Select the appliances, standard vs wider from the refrigerator to the extractor systems.

7. Plan colors, trends, favorite combinations, patterns?

8. Plan lightning, good lightning can make all the difference! Nowadays, is very convenient to use smart technology, explore these options too.

9. Choose the flooring, one important aspect is that it must be easy to maintain.

(Image credit: Fabuwood Cabinetry)

Contact A&E Interiors today, we offer the best cabinets and flooring for your new kitchen.
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